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Occupational & Environmental Medicine


The Occupational & Environmental Medicine (OEM) Division advances evaluation and treatment of workers. 

In public health terms, this means that while in the  Research & Education Division, the focus is primary prevention, that is preventing an incident or exposure from ever happening to a worker, in the OEM Division our target is secondary prevention

Secondary prevention reduces or eliminates the consequences and complications of an exposure or incident, after the exposure or incident has already occurred. Think "damage control and minimization." In essence, Onsite OEM services address client needs following a workplace event which has the potential to cause injury or illness. 

Specifically, after an occupational incident or an environmental exposure, information is needed to assess the potential health and safety consequences. CapSchell, Inc.'s experts collect and analyze the occupational incident information from an event's start on a site, through affected workers' medical history, examination, testing, to when workplace engineering data is collected during incident investigation and debriefing.  

Because workplace participation is essential to OEM recommendations by CapSchell, Inc., we regret services can not be arranged for individuals separate from their employment.  Also, CapSchell, Inc. does not staff forensic OEM questions.   



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