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NJATC "Living On The Edge" Videotape Released


NJATC  and CapSchell, Inc. Collaborate On New Multi-media Instructional Aid


January 4, 2007 -- The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Electrical Industry (NJATC) co-sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has released "Living On The Edge,"  a 42 minute videotape along with a 34 page hardcopy Facilitator's Guide. The video is actually a series of twelve messages with complementary visual and narrative structure designed to support technical instruction about work on or near energized conductors. The twelve messages are formed into modules:


Module 1        Speaking on Safety

Module 2        Are You Living On The Edge?

Module 3        Hazards Surprise Us

Module 4        Statistics Are People

Module 5        New Understanding

Module 6        Space

Module 7        Time

Module 8        Team

Module 9        Barrier Protection

Module 10     Suiting Up

Module 11     Check The Picture

Module 12     Changing The Future


Generally, modules 1 through 4 are aimed toward hazard awareness. Modules 5 through 7 support discussion of human interaction with installation design. Modules 8 through 12 target prevention.

All 12 video modules can be shown consecutively at the start of a meeting or class as an "ice breaker" to get people talking about their experiences and beliefs related to safety.

However, in the videoís best use, each video module can be shown independently.

Exercises can be devised depending on the facilitatorís judgment of their audienceís needs and interest.

For example, for a moduleís "stand alone" discussion, a facilitator can challenge the class to identify safe and unsafe practices illustrated in the work scenes, or to reflect on how filmed work compares to local job sites.

As a presentation aid to safety meetings or apprentice classes, "Living On The Edge" can enhance discussion relevant to specific classroom material. The visual and narrative content is presented using a fast pace in the style of a television commercial. The benefit of this approach is that it permits video use while protecting valuable classroom time for discussion.

The narration for each module is reprinted at the end of the Facilitatorís Guide. This resource can be used to respond accurately to questions about module content and to suggest topics for discussion. To introduce a module, the facilitator may wish to present the moduleís message. Or, the facilitator may wish to reinforce the message as a "take away" after viewing and discussion. 



For More Information Or To Order, Please Contact:
Tim Strickland, NJATC Order Processing
Tel: 301.715.2300
Order Item: "Living On The Edge" Video 164, $299 plus shipping & handing. 



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