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Here's where you will find links to suggested electrical safety resources and recommendations for further additional expert information.



CapSchell, Inc. is a Chicago-based research and consulting firm that specializes in preventing workplace injuries and death.  

Uncontrolled, unintentional energy release during operations, maintenance and construction work is the focus of research, consulting, and educational technology services. Built around years of corporate and academic experience in health and safety, the CapSchell, Inc. Resources provide links to contacts which can assist the planning and delivery of electrical safety programs.

Whether for one or many, electrical safety depends on learning! 

Check out the Resources page for education contacts at:

 CapSchell, Inc. Resources




There are diverse perspectives on how to do work safely. 

Electrical safety is like a tall tree with many roots and long branches.  As the tree draws nourishment from a wide area, so do electrical safety ideas draw from many areas, like engineering, physics, human factors, ergonomics, medicine, nourish the growth of electrical safety concepts. Just as many branches allow a tree to cast a wide shadow, the many safety aspects of electrical work can affect tasks, even when they are not being done by an electrical worker. 

Government, engineering, science, medicine, human systems, management and logistics research perspectives are needed to create cross-disciplinary insights about electrical safety opportunities and challenges. 

The "Where In The World" theme to the CapSchell, Inc. Recommendations page emphasizes that no one person or place can create all the good ideas needed to reduce electrical incidents. Check out the many great thoughts that are "not invented here" at: 

  CapSchell, Inc. Where In The World



Recent Presentations

As a principal with CapSchell, Inc., Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer regularly contributes to academic and industry forums. The Recent Presentations page reports on topics and venues where ideas and research are presented to the public. 

 CapSchell, Inc. Recent Presentations



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